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Both volunteer and paid opportunities are available at TIPS Media.

Our work-from-home decentralized collaborative environment makes it easy to maintain an income (so long as you have high-speed internet) while also making a positive impact in the world.

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Current Openings

TIPS Content Creator

Content Creators

Podcast creators, Blog & Vlog creators, professional reporters that left legacy media due to ethical conflicts now have a new and very large platform to reach the world.
Experience the benefits of contributing with Truth In Plain Sight.

TIPS Content Editor

Content Editors

Content editors contribute to changing the world for the better by editing video, print, image, and audio content provided by Content Creators and Content Curators in our platform.
Make a difference using your skills today! Full training is also provided.

TIPS Content Curator

Content Curators

Content Curators:
a) Reply to News Tips provided by our world population, as well as
b) Follow up with Alternative News Feed threads provided by TIPS Media
c) Collaborate with our Social Media managers to curate substantial news leads
Curators are responsible for maintaining the integrity of Truth In Plain Sigh Media by ensuring only high-quality (and well vetted) content gets added to our platform.

TIPS Uploader

Platform Uploaders

With over a dozen platforms to maintain, our team of uploading specialists ensure TIPS Media content stays decentralized through the world.
All training is provided and all that is needed is a high-speed internet connection from anywhere in the world.

TIPS Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers

You more than likely already found us through a social media or content distribution affiliate like YouTube or Rumble.
How would you like to help us maintain and grow our audiences by communicating through those platforms?
We know you do so every day already, now is the time to connect with a team and make a far larger impact.

TIPS Sales Team

Inside & Outside Sales

Our commission-based sales team act as the financial life-blood of TIPS.
Our sales and marketing specialists connect with individuals and businesses worldwide that desire to advertise with TIPS Media through our videos, website, and many other platform areas. Our highly valued and ever-expanding team operates as a work-from-home opportunity worldwide.
Are you ready for a career change a field that not makes a great and positive impact in our world, but also generates a solid income to provide for you and your family?
Don't miss out! All training will be provided.

IPS Mareting And Promotions

Marketing & Prmotions

Our marketing and promotions specialists design marketing and promotion strategies that make a great impact worldwide.

TIPS Team Leader

Team Leaders

TIPS Media has many moving parts that all need to be synchronized and synergized daily. If you are a self-managing individual that loves dynamic and ever-changing environments where passionate professionals support one another in many creative ways, TIPS is the place to be!

TIPS Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Co-ordinators

Volunteers are what enable TIPS Media to make such a sizable and quite frankly, incredible impact in our world. As our teams continue to grow to many hundreds worldwide, we would love your help with volunteer recruitment, management, and coordination.

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